Patient-Centric Engagement Technology Tools Help with Chronic Disease

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A recent NEJM poll shows that engaging patients more effectively in their care utilizing patient engagement technology is reflective of findings in other areas relative to health care outcomes.  I continue to be enamoured with the study of care models and shared decision making; utilization of engagement tech tools has some parallels to consider – first, that technology which is ‘patient-centric’ can help patients understand the pros and cons of their health care options; and secondly, that individual preferences can be best incorporated into care decisions when patient and doctor effectively communicate with each other.  There is immense value in integrating technology in both of these arenas – in the case of shared decision making, technology plays a growing role in the form of decision aids.  With patient engagement technology, patients are encouraged to understand and be accountable for their health and identify areas where behavior change can improve their health outcomes.  There is even promise for these tools to serve as in-between fillers for office visits.  Read on as to how doctors view these tools as ways to support health behaviors and serve as support for care when patients are not in the clinical setting.  Patient Engagement Surveypteng

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