Will the Patient Freedom Act of 2017 Emerge as the GOP Plan of Choice?

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Last month I was invited to write on the most recently unveiled plan from the GOP to address campaign pledges made regarding repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare).  Thanks to Optometry Times for sharing the article Will the Patient Freedom Act of 2017 (PFA) Emerge as the GOP Plan of Choice? .  In it I referenced where there is the lack of clarity and need for additional detail, adding to the confusion we are facing regarding future changes and uncertainty of potential impacts on our health care delivery system, patients, and stakeholders.  Today, NPR is reporting on the chaos facing insurers as a result of confusion from the GOP’s waivering on ACA decisions.  The article quotes New Mexico Health Connections’s CEO Martin Hickey as stating “there is pretty massive confusion…the more uncertainty they create, the higher the rates” will be for 2018.  The take-home pearl is that patients and consumers will most likely be picking up the tab for rate increases – in Hickey’s estimates the increases for his 45,000 member plan could be as little as 7 or as much as 40 percent.  This story also reinforces the overarching need to keep abreast of emerging info and stay informed – my aim is to help by sharing information relative to these important issues.  Regarding any proposed options for ACA repeal/replacement, look for this information:  what is in the proposal, how much it will cost, how it is to be implemented, and who will be affected and how.  In the meantime, here’s a summary of what you need to know about the PFA .

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