The Right Information At the Right Time

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I’ve been asked by colleagues more than once about the value of health care policy and its analysis, both from a broad perspective and on a more personal level.   Just this week I opened my mail to find a recent Letter to the Editor of OT by colleague Greg Wolfe, OD, MPH from Tennessee:

It references an article I wrote in March that was shared with the optometry community. This is a fabulous example of the importance of health policy analysis and its impacts. This is why public health & policy advocacy matters – it’s rewarding to see it assisting my colleagues in their hands and addressing their needs.  Having the power of information at the “right time, right place” can make all the difference for our profession and patients, no matter where we live or who we treat.  And, it’s given me another opportunity to share my excitement for the new AOA Health Policy Institute recently unveiled at #OM 2017 under the leadership of Dr. Chris Quinn,  AOA President.  Thank you Greg for sharing your experience – not only did you make my day, but you also scored another one for the team and the value of health policy advocacy!

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