How and Why Trustworthy Clinical Practice Guidelines Improve Health Care Quality and Patient Outcomes

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If you’ve wondered how quality clinical guidelines improve health and why they are so valued, this infographic is for you!  (Note:  Flash is needed for interactive graphics).  An important part of my professional advocacy, health services research experience, and AOA service rolled into an infographic – one of the most concise I’ve seen detailing the process of identifying clinical problems through development and implementation of high quality evidence-based guidelines for doctor-to-patient shared clinical decision making (SDM).  SDM is at the heart of the doctor-patient relationship, and is a necessary component of quality health care that improves outcomes and ensures safety.  SDM, defined as a “collaborative process that allows patients and their providers to make health care decisions together’, is critical to ensuring patient preferences are included when addressing treatment options.  SDM incorporates “the best clinical evidence available, as well as the patient’s values and preferences.”   SDM improves the quality of care and has been shown to reduce health care costs

Our AOA Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) developed by the AOA Evidence-based Optometry Committee were developed following Institute of Medicine (IOM) protocols and serve to support best practices in clinical care; as evidence for shared decision making for doctors of optometry in delivery of care and treatment; as teaching and reference resources for doctors-in-training and professional educational programs; and to educate other professionals and the public on the value and scope of optometric care.  For more CPG information, please click here


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