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“Now more than ever, we must expand our advocacy reach across clinical, legislative, educational, governmental, public health, and policy arenas to promote optometry’s value. My valuable skills uniquely enhance existing AOA leadership and volunteer strengths to bolster optometric advocacy, address challenges, and identify opportunities to improve health for populations that require our care.”      –  Lori Grover, OD, PhD


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AOA Announces 2018 Candidates for Board of Trustees:



Thank you Dr. Curtis Ono, Optometric Physicians of Washington member and fellow AOA volunteer, for your support!


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Announcement for Trustee Candidate in 2018:

2018 aoa trusteeOptometry’s Meeting is here!  Handout for my AOA Colleagues:


Advocacy Leadership letter to AOA Colleagues in June:


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Thank you Dr. Melissa Barnett, California Optometric Association member and fellow AOA volunteer, for your support!




Leadership Letter To My AOA Colleagues in May:

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Mid-May Letter to AOA Affiliates and Leadership:


Thank you Dr. Ben Casella, President of the Georgia Optometric Association and fellow AOA volunteer, for your support!




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Thank you Dr. Paul Chous (Tacoma, WA), fellow volunteer and AOA representative to the National Diabetes Education Program, for your support!

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Spring 2017 Communication to AOA Affiliates and Volunteer Leadership:


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From Women in Optometry “Two Women ODs Running for AOA Board”:

Lori L. Grover, OD, PhD, FAAO
Motivation: My motivation to serve stems from an early and ongoing commitment to optometric advocacy. Beginning with private practice, I’ve had the good fortune of a career path providing opportunities for service and experience that enhance the existing strengths and talents of the AOA board and volunteer leadership. During my 26 years in optometry, 22 include continuous AOA volunteer roles while also serving in seven state affiliates and multiple national health-related organizations. Activism in clinical, legislative, educational, governmental, health policy and public health arenas as a doctor of optometry has given me valuable insights into today’s health care arena that can further advance optometry.
Special Interests: My clinical passion involves treating chronic vision impairment in people of all ages. It connected me to knowledge and discovery in health policy, public health, chronic disease management and health care delivery science. The value of optometric care to overall health inspires my activism for legislative and regulatory strength and fuels my passion for advocacy. My recent role with the National Academies (formerly Institute of Medicine) reflects this; our final 2016 report identifies in-person comprehensive eye exam as the gold standard for our nation’s health; includes doctors of optometry defined as physicians; and recognizes vision impairment as a major chronic health outcome that warrants preventive primary care, early diagnosis and timely intervention.
Drive:  Recent national events and a climate of rapid change require heightened attention across health care to anticipate and address impacts on us and those who deserve our care. Working together, we all can further our nation’s understanding of optometric eye and vision care and its value within the house of medicine, community health networks and other professions, including public health. Fighting for access, equity, scope and quality in eye care is at my core. It would be an honor to work on your behalf to promote comprehensive, doctor-to-patient, optometric eye and vision care for people of all ages that improves health and ensures safety. Read more at
(in Review of Optometry, available at:


March letter to AOA Affiliates and Volunteer Leadership:mar letter


Thank you Dr. Pamela Lowe, fellow AOA volunteer, Past President of the Illinois Optometric Association, and Past Chairman for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation State Board of Optometry, for your support!

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Thank you letter to Southern Council, Colleagues and Friends at SECO:

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Thank you Dr. Greg Wolfe, fellow AOA volunteer, Past Chair of the American Public Health Association Vision Care Section, and member of the Tennessee Optometric Association, for your support!

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Communication to Southern Caucus leadership while at SECO:

March letter

Thank you to Dr. Mamie Chan, Past President of New Mexico Optometric Association, for this fabulous new campaign image!


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